Saturday, January 03, 2004

Back to Blogging... Thoughts on Writing

I'm finally back from several weeks in snowy British Columbia where I experienced some fantastic skiing. My legs are starting to recover. I've discovered that being a strong skiier in the icy east doesn't mean much in the moguls and snow of the Rockes. Luckily, my wife is both an exceptional skiier and a great teacher. One of these days, I may even be able to keep up with her!

NOTE TO SELF: next time, I need to prepare better--specifically: heavy squats and lunges, abs, back, and tris; and lots of cardio. In short, be in better shape!

While recovering from skiing I was able to get quite a bit of reading done--mostly dry academic library stuff from home. On a few days, however, I picked up novels lying around the condo. Michael Crichton's Prey, for example, held my attention for an afternoon. I also attempted a Dick Francis novel. Again.

For some reason, I've never been able to finish anything Dick Francis has ever written. The characters don't hold me and my attention span wanders. Even when I was living in rural Nicaragua and was desperate for English reading material (I even read Moby Dick!), I couldn't finish one of Francis's novels. My recent experience was no different. Although I failed to complete the novel, I did begin to wonder why people actually write.

The topic of author motivation is hardly new or innovative. Balzac's La Com├ędie Humaine, for example, accounts for several rows of commentary in my local library. Francis, however, is doing something different. He seems to write about the things he loves--horse racing and photography--in every single story. How does he do his research? Does he have to visit the great tracks of the world and take pictures? Does it then become essential for him to place triactor bets to completely understand the setting? More importanly, are these expenses tax deductable?

I'm thinking of writing a series of novels about an Icelandic skiing instructor named Vladimir Moraine who travels to a different skiing hot spot of the world each season and ends up solving a murder mystery at each location.

How else can I possibly write off mountain vacations and a gear fetish?


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